Advanced Resources and Systems

For Independent Orthopedic Practices and Surgery Centers.

Keep Your Indepence, While Scaling Your Practice

Practice Management Solutions

Leverage our resources to scale your practice, while maintaining your independence.

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Revenue Generation

Patient acquisition, revenue sourcing, and increasing margins.

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Established equity partnerships ready to invest in our members’ practices.


Management & Staffing

We help you recruit and hire new providers and staff for your practice.

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Optimized Business Workflows

Shift from a service-based model to overall management of health.

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Evolving Clinical Protocols

Relevant information at the point of care to improve patient outcomes.

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Direct to Employer Contracting

Exclusive member contracts with national employers.


Financial & Accounting

Maximize revenue by utilizing our streamlined approach.

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Group Purchasing

Best industry pricing will increase margins and optimize costs.

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Successfully providing healthcare management services for over 30 years

Leading the industry with a full suite of orthopedic management services and technology solutions dedicated to high-performing independent practices across the county.

Technology Solutions

Connecting all aspects of the practice using our proprietary healthcare technology.

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Commercial-Grade Hosting

Scalable hybrid cloud with enhanced data interoperability at a fraction of the traditional hosting cost.

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Our platform aggregates meaningful data with payer data to improve clinical outcomes and protocols.

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Patient Engagement

Extensive patient education library, patient encounters tracking, outcome indicators, and patient surveys for the full cycle of care.

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Gain easy to view precision medicine insights from genomic and clinical data collected from multiple evidence-based knowledge bases.

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Practice Management

Guides in optimizing scheduling, registration, reimbursement processes, alternative payment models, value-based care, and more.