Technology Solutions

Driving Better Clinical Outcomes

We are and will remain focused on being at the forefront of healthcare IT. We have partnered with leading technology companies to create an orthopedics-focused technology and analytics infrastructure.

Our innovative and interoperable technology toolset drives better clinical outcomes through connecting all aspects of the orthopedic practice, improving workflows and efficiencies, including clinical care.

Technology for Orthopedic Practices

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Clinicals (EHR)
Our EHR’s genomically-aware database aggregates meaningful data from the entire patient care continuum, starting with the initial patient encounter through patient-reported outcome and follow-up surveys. The resulting analytics provide actionable data insights into optimizing patient care.
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Commercial Grade Hosting
Cloud-based EHR and Practice Management solutions are reliable, secure, and provide optimal solutions between clinicians, patients, and other users.
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Analytics (Practice Analytics)
Our flexible and fully interoperable platform seamlessly delivers harmonized information into the native workflow at all points of care. Care teams are empowered to coordinate care across the community, gain powerful insights into care decisions, and more efficiently and effectively perform population health management.
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Practice Management
Our practice management platform will bring to market the best-of-breed infrastructure designed to help orthopedic practices scale with agility, improve EHR implementation timelines, provide evidence-based guidelines to support evolving clinical protocols, and create community-wide connectivity with value-based care analytics.
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Patient Engagement
Our patient engagement app for orthopedic practices is easy to use, intuitive for patients and includes a diverse library of pre-created orthopedic-focused care videos and resources. This vital resource for practice success can be seamlessly implemented into your care workflows.