Direct To Employer Contracting

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Expert Guidance on New and Existing Employer Group Contracts

US Orthopedic Alliance has established relationships with both local and national employer groups, making it a valuable partner for Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs), independent orthopedic groups, and independent subspecialty groups looking to secure employer group contracts. By partnering with US Orthopedic Alliance, these groups can benefit from the following:


  1. Access to employer groups: US Orthopedic Alliance can connect ASCs, independent orthopedic groups, and independent subspecialty groups with employer groups that are looking for high-quality, cost-effective healthcare services for their employees. This can help secure a consistent stream of patients and revenue, while also providing employers with a more affordable option for their employees’ healthcare needs.
  2. Negotiation expertise: US Orthopedic Alliance can help evaluate and negotiate new and existing contracts with employer groups. This can help ensure that these groups are receiving fair reimbursement rates for their services, while also meeting the needs of the employer group and its employees.
  3. Strategic guidance: With the changes to the Inpatient Only List (IPO), these groups may need to revise their business models and adapt to new payment models. US Orthopedic Alliance can provide strategic guidance and support to help navigate these changes and identify new opportunities for growth and success.
  4. Quality focus: US Orthopedic Alliance places a strong emphasis on quality and outcomes, which can be an important factor in securing and maintaining employer group contracts. By partnering with US Orthopedic Alliance, these groups can demonstrate their commitment to providing high-quality care and good outcomes, which can help differentiate them from competitors and attract new patients.
  5. Expert guidance: US Orthopedic Alliance has a team of experts with years of experience in the healthcare industry, including ASC management, healthcare finance, and healthcare policy. By partnering with US Orthopedic Alliance, these groups can access this expertise and benefit from the organization’s deep knowledge of the industry.


Overall, partnering with US Orthopedic Alliance can provide valuable support and resources as these groups adapt to the changes brought about by the IPO updates. By connecting with employer groups, providing negotiation expertise and strategic guidance, and emphasizing quality and outcomes, US Orthopedic Alliance can help these groups thrive in the new healthcare landscape.

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Smarter Benefits

Our contracting services offerings work to maximize the benefit for our USOA practices. We’re able to target savings for payers on their total orthopedic cost, while securing profit margins.

Independent Orthopedic Practices

Managed Care & Full Risk

As experts in managed care and full risk contracting with health plans, we’re continuing to grow our Direct to Employer contracting. We have established and optimized full risk management contracts for orthopedic procedures ready for USOA members, and we’re continually connecting patients directly with our USOA members for the full episode of care.

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Growing list

Our list of payors and self-insured employers​ is growing.