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2023 IPO List Changes – Strategies for ASCs to Thrive

Independent Orthopedic Groups currently operating or thinking about establishing an ASC will want to watch CMS’ moves related to its IPO List Very Closely. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) ‘22 decision to REVERSE course on its ‘21 decision to phase out the Inpatient Only List (IPO) for Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) procedures has created both challenges and opportunities for ASCs. As a physician with ownership stakes in an ASC, you are already facing an increasing number of reimbursement cuts so you may be wondering how to adapt to these changes and position your ASC for success in the new healthcare landscape.


Fortunately, you don’t have to face these challenges alone. US Orthopedic Alliance (USOA) can be a trusted partner for expert guidance and support to navigate the changes brought about by the IPO updates. Here are some of the strategies that USOA recommends for ASCs to adapt and thrive:


  • Diversify your services: as CMS moves conservatively toward removal of musculoskeletal-related services from the IPO list, independent physicians have time to prepare and can explore new service lines. For example, with the planned removal of specific Spine procedure(s) from the IPO list combined with USOA’s access to “game-changing” bio-tech innovation, you may want to explore an ASC opportunity with USOA.


USOA can help you identify revenue opportunities for immediate growth and provide guidance on how to expand your services in a strategic and sustainable manner.

  • Focus on quality and outcomes: With the shift towards outpatient settings, ASCs will need to demonstrate their ability to provide high-quality care and positive patient outcomes to attract patients and payers. USOA can help you develop quality metrics and track outcomes to ensure that you are meeting or exceeding industry standards.
  • Partner with employer groups: US Orthopedic Alliance has established relationships with both local and national employer groups, making it a valuable partner for ASCs looking to secure employer group contracts. By partnering with us, ASCs can benefit from access to employer groups, negotiation expertise, strategic guidance, quality focus, and expert guidance. We can connect ASCs with employer groups that are looking for high-quality, cost-effective healthcare services for their employees, help ASCs evaluate and negotiate contracts with employer groups, provide strategic guidance and support to help ASCs navigate changes, and emphasize quality and outcomes to help ASCs differentiate from competitors and attract new patients.
  • Leverage technology: Use technology to streamline operations, improve patient communication, and enhance clinical decision-making. USOA uses technology to achieve these goals through electronic health records (EHRs), telemedicine, decision support systems, mobile apps, and wearable devices, to name a few.
  • Stay informed: As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, it’s important for ASCs to stay up-to-date on the latest changes and trends in the industry so that they can adapt and thrive. USOA can help you stay informed by providing access to industry experts and thought leaders, as well as hosting educational events and webinars. Stay tuned for our upcoming events.


If you’re looking for expert guidance and support in adapting to the changes brought about by these updates, we’re here to help. We invite you to schedule a discovery meeting with us to learn more about how we can help you position your ASC for success in the new healthcare landscape.


In conclusion, by embracing these strategies and seeking guidance from US Orthopedic Alliance, ASCs can successfully adapt and thrive in the wake of the IPO changes and position themselves for success in the new healthcare landscape.