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7 Revenue Strategies for Your Orthopedic Practices

US Orthopedic Alliance (USOA) provides solutions for a practice to enhance or implement new ancillary business lines. We provide an array of turn-key options to drive new or additional revenue into your practice while enhancing clinical outcomes and patient experiences. USOA has also created expense saving opportunities for your practice

Below is a list of 7 revenue generating ancillary business lines:

  • Durable Medical Equipment – Whether your office dispenses your own DME or not, USOA can provide solutions and opportunities to expand your current processes. Specialty DME products and cost analysis programs provide benefits to a practice.


  • Wound Care – Solutions to physicians’ chronic wounds.
    • Membrane Wrap – unique DUAL-LAYERED dehydrated human amnion membrane allograft
    • Dermistat – Autologous skin-cell graft used for advanced wound coverage


  • Incision care program – Products designed to reduce infections, scarring and increase healing in the initial post operative phase. Improving clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction along with enhancing revenue


  • EQ Software Application – Simple smartphone software application to assess fall risk and neurological functions. Ideal for pre/post operative and osteoporosis fall risk assessments


  • Physician Dispensing – Providing the patient an opportunity to receive their prescribed medication prior to leaving your practice is a patient convenience. The dispensing program allows insurance adjudication in the same manner as a commercial pharmacy


  • Physical Therapy programs – Consulting programs designed to improve your current departments profitability. Programs developed to work directly with your therapy team to improve productivity from treatments, documentation, and billing/collections


  • Group Purchasing Organization – USOA has created a Group Purchasing Organization for practices. This GPO can provide clinics tremendous costs savings in office and clinical supplies


*Please contact Kevin Dinant (VP Ancillary Services) for further information.

Email: kevin.dinant@usorthopedicalliance.com   Cell Phone: 814-571-3580