Are You Leveraging Remote Patient Monitoring Technology To Increase Your Orthopedic Practice Revenue

Are You Leveraging Remote Patient Monitoring Technology To Increase Your Orthopedic Practice Revenue?

Independent orthopedic doctors face many challenges when trying to scale their practice while remaining independent. One key solution that has been underutilized is remote patient monitoring. Technology can allow orthopedic practices additional billing revenue for the same patient without any additional staff or overhead.

Remote Patient Monitoring for Your Orthopedic Practice

Remote patient monitoring is a way for healthcare professionals to be more vigilant over their critical patients. Thanks to a patient’s mobile phone, these technologies can be used to provide practitioners with insightful patient health. This data can be captured on a daily basis rather than only when the patient is given an on-premises tests. Assigning monitoring technologies to patients that can provide real-time data to medical practitioners allows them to evaluate the slight changes in a patient’s condition over a short period of time. Advantages such as these lead to more effective treatment, which in turn allows healthcare professionals to provide better patient outcomes. In the past, medical professionals had to rely on patients to measure their vitals outside of periodic visits. Now, RPM allows them to analyze their patient’s readings in real-time, and not just on occasions when their condition escalates. This proactive approach accounts for not only an enhanced orthopedic practice but also generates additional revenue without additional costs to the practice.

Leveraging RPM to Increase Revenue with USOA

US Orthopedic Alliance (USOA), has been at the forefront of helping orthopedic practices with scalable and profitable solutions. One of the key elements we focus on pertains to optimizing management and workflows for practices. Our core service revolves around equipping the business with innovative protocols that help revenue sourcing and increased margins. We implement certain strategies for Orthopedic practices through ancillary programs. These programs have proven to increase revenue by 25%, and they incorporate RPM into the practices of a healthcare facility. Our recent partnership with an orthopedic practice opened the company up for customer acquisition of the company. Furthermore, our RPM services also decreased the number of downstream service costs for the patients, making the specific medical practice attractive for the patient. Overall, cost savings for the practice and patients tend to result in higher patient acquisition, which is why our implemented RPM strategies will be pivotal in increasing revenue streams for many practices. The main goal of our program is to improve patient care and reduce episodic urgent events by anticipating peak incidents before they happen. Revenue generation is a byproduct of these benefits since customer retention and acquisition increase. Not to mention, Medicare, in efforts for RPM programs to be adopted at large by health providers, put CPT codes together that reimburse healthcare providers for the time they spend reviewing patient readings and consulting treatments. Adopting remote patient monitoring technology for any Orthopedic Practice has become essential to generating revenue. Give us a call, or fill out our online form for expert consultation on how you can start by equipping your practice with digital advancements.