Pain management, Mental Health Care, Chronic Pain Patients

Pain Management – Comprehensive Mental Health Care for Chronic Pain Patients

Mental health care is an essential component of pain management, but for many providers integrating effective mental health screening into their existing services can be a challenge. US Orthopedic Alliance has partnered with an organization to offer a solution to this problem by providing trained staff and proprietary software to help medical practices that specialize in pain management. The objective is to identify at-risk patients and steer them into proper care.

One of the biggest benefits of the program is its focus on preventative care. By regularly assessing chronic pain patients and tracking their results over time, providers can identify mental health concerns early and take action to address them. This can help prevent the development of serious mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. Left untreated, these issues can potentially lead to self-harm or suicide.

The program is particularly useful for medical practices that see patients over the age of 60 with chronic illnesses and a high risk for mental health-related issues. These patients may include those suffering from chronic pain, receiving medication management, or dealing with chronic and complex illnesses. By providing mental health screening/assessments, the program can help these patients maintain their mental health and avoid negative outcomes.



In addition to its preventative focus, the program offers several other benefits. For example, its proprietary software helps providers track and comply with time, task, oversight, and coding requirements, making it easier to manage mental health care in their practice. The program also provides complete documentation in a HIPAA and CMS-compliant format, helping providers reduce their legal liability in caring for at-risk patient populations, including their tort liability. The program is reimbursable by medical insurance and can provide a substantial new revenue stream into the practice. The program requires no additional work for your already busy office staff.

Overall, the program offers a comprehensive and systematic approach to integrating mental health care into existing pain management practices.

By providing trained staff and proprietary software, the program helps providers identify at-risk patients, provide comprehensive mental health care, and track patient results over time. This can help prevent the development of serious mental health issues, improve patient outcomes, and drive new revenue into the pain management practice.

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