RPM, Increase Orthopedic Practice Revenue, Surgery Cases

Increase Orthopedic Practice Revenue and Surgery Cases without Adding Any New Costs through RPM

The most studied surgical complications in orthopedics are conditions related to obesity. Every surgeon must evaluate BMI when developing their patients’ care plan. Usually, when a patient needs to lose weight before being cleared for joint replacement, the orthopedic surgeon refers the patient back to the PCP, hoping for the best.

USOA has aligned with outside resources to provide solutions for orthopedic practices.  The goal is to keep patient care in their clinic while increasing reimbursements to the practice without adding any new costs.  One program often recommended is a orthopedics specific weight management opportunity.  We are not suggesting that orthopedic surgeons offer weight management as a stand-alone service, but offer a high-level service for the patient that can be used as a holistic approach to optimize surgery protocols.  In addition, a greater number of patients could gain access to have procedures performed within the ASC setting.

Research has found that when a patient removes 1 lb. of weight, it is equal to losing 4 lbs. of pressure from the patient’s knee and 10 lbs. of pressure from their lower back.  Approximately 83% of all enrolled patients stayed on the program for 9 months.


Our network can provide an easy turn-key solution for many patients within this demographic.  Providing opportunities to improve a patient’s overall health and potential recovery while creating a new revenue opportunity for the physician.  Practices can be on-boarded and start prescribing in 72 hours.


USOA has many solutions to help independent orthopedic practices increase revenues, patient retention, and positive patient outcomes. For more information, schedule an appointment with us.