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Overcoming Patient Access Challenges: Client Success Story from an Assessment

Client Challenge:

In early Q4 2022, US Orthopedic Alliance conducted an assessment of a busy orthopedic practice and identified the availability of new patient appointments as a key area for improvement. Despite the provider’s schedules being consistently filled, patients had to wait for weeks to get a new patient appointment.

USOA Solution:

To address the issue, US Orthopedic Alliance performed a complete analysis of the practice’s scheduling protocols and templates. Key employees, including clinical staff, scheduling staff, and phone operators, were consulted, and patient and clinical workflows were observed. Based on the findings, US Orthopedic Alliance suggested modifying the scheduling protocols/process for new patients, taking into consideration the current system’s capacity and ensuring no potential delays within the office.

Client Outcome:

The results of the modification were impressive. Six months following the changes, there was an increase of approximately 6.5 new patient visits per clinical day or 78 patients per month (assuming 12 clinical days/month). The additional office visits’ projected financial impact was approximately $93,000 annually, excluding positive surgical or ancillary impact due to increased office productivity. The overall wait time for new patient appointments was also reduced from 6 and 4 weeks to 3 and 2 weeks, respectively. The providers were still able to complete all documentation and finish their day at the normal ending time.

If you’re an orthopedic doctor struggling with patient access to care, consider scheduling an assessment of your practice with US Orthopedic Alliance. Our team of experts will perform a complete analysis of your practice, identify areas of improvement, and provide actionable solutions to increase your EBITDA. With delayed patient access leading to unhappy patients, potential patient attrition, erosion of the practice, and frustrated staff, US Orthopedic Alliance can help you enhance patient access to care in your practice. Contact us today to schedule a discovery meeting and learn more about how we can assist you.