Revolutionizing Pre and Post-Operative Care, Inspire Health Alliance, Orthopedic Practices

Revolutionizing Pre and Post-Operative Care: The Nirvana-Inspire Health Alliance and Its Potential Benefits for Orthopedic Practices

Innovation and collaboration are vital to enhancing patient outcomes in the ever-advancing field of orthopedic care. A recent joint venture between Nirvana Water Sciences Corp. and Inspire Health Alliance, LLC offers a promising new avenue for orthopedic practices to explore. This partnership aims to provide a line of dietary supplements designed to boost and protect lean muscle mass, a critical consideration in pre and post-operative protocols.

The Joint Venture: A Closer Look
Nirvana Water Sciences Corp., an innovative wellness and functional beverage company, has secured a $2.625 million investment to fuel the growth of its new functional spring waters and seltzers. This investment supports a joint venture with Inspire Health Alliance, a pioneering healthcare service network with over 1,500 physicians and surgeons across the US.

The collaboration will introduce Nirvana Super™ Pro shots, three-ounce dietary supplements infused with three grams of myHMB® Clear, Nirvana’s exclusive multi-patented water-soluble HMB muscle wellness ingredient, along with other proprietary ingredients.

The Science Behind HMB
Extensive research supports HMB’s significant health and wellness benefits (βeta-hydroxy βeta-methylbutyrate). According to Naji Abumrad, MD, FACS, chairman of Nirvana’s Scientific Advisory Board, supplementing with HMB can reverse muscle atrophy, a common occurrence after surgery. This discovery is rooted in over three decades of research on systemic muscle inflammation and muscle wasting.

Potential Benefits for Orthopedic Practices
1. Enhanced Muscle Recovery: The Nirvana Super™ Pro products with HMB offer a potential tool for physicians to promote muscle wellness. This can be particularly beneficial in orthopedic practices, where muscle atrophy or sarcopenia is a common concern after surgery.
2. Improved Patient Outcomes: By addressing muscle atrophy, orthopedic practices can potentially improve overall patient recovery times and outcomes. This aligns with the ongoing pursuit of innovative care models and technology solutions to enhance patient care.
3. Alignment with Wellness Goals: The partnership between Nirvana and Inspire Health Alliance emphasizes a commitment to helping people transform their bodies at a cellular level to live stronger, longer, and more active lives. This resonates with the broader goals of orthopedic care, where the focus is on restoring mobility and enhancing the quality of life.

The joint venture between Nirvana Water Sciences Corp. and Inspire Health Alliance represents an exciting opportunity for orthopedic practices to consider implementing in their pre and post-operative protocols. By leveraging the scientifically-backed benefits of HMB, this collaboration offers a novel approach to addressing muscle atrophy and enhancing patient recovery.

Orthopedic practices looking to stay at the forefront of innovation and patient care may find value in exploring this partnership further. The integration of such dietary supplements into care protocols could provide a new dimension to patient wellness and recovery, aligning with the ongoing mission to improve patient outcomes and quality of life.

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